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Smart home technologies can be anything from automatic blinds, outdoor lights that turn on from sunset to sunrise, upgraded wall switches and plugs that make existing appliances " Smart ". Control all these things with your own personal assistant. Aski Siri to start the coffee pot, ask Alexa who is at the door with a Ring doorbell. Have all your lights and tv's come on randomly when not home, make it look like someone is there. Find out how smart home tech can benefit you, fill out our contact form for more details!

Next Generation Door bell surveillance! Know who’s there when you’re not. Watch your packages get delivered and interact with your guests from anywhere. 


Control lights when away from the house. Auto timers for sun-rise, sun-sets. Control Christmas lights and backyard party lights. Heaters and coffee makers all from a touch of your phone, or automatically.


Home automation, as simple as speaking to your Apple Siri, Google Home or Alexa appliance. From turning on lights, closing blinds, checking the weather and controlling anything in-between, your voice personal assistance can make life easier


Take a 30 minutes a day back. Wake up, blinds open, coffee starts, lights come on. Leave for work, remotely turn on the crock pot, auto lights off, coffee pot off. Come home, heat or a/c set just right, crock pot ready for dinner. Automation can help with the most simplistic tasks.